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Carl (12/13/03)  Oh... how well I remember the Detroit Emeralds!  Those were the good times.
Reply: We're glad you enjoyed our Grandpa's music. 
Tyrome (12/14/03)  You are so thoughful.  Steve, you have wonderful children.  I know Abrim would be proud of them.
Reply:  Thank you. We hope our Dad likes this when he sees it and we hope Grandpa is watching us.
Reese (12/15/03)  What's up? I can't see your pictures.
Reply:  Sorry you can't see the pictures. We don't know why but some people can see them and some people can't.  Any suggestions? 
Davis (12/16/03)  If Abrim Tilmon is really related to you, then why don't you have more personal stuff.  There are tons of name droppers on the internet.  Anyone can copy and paste. You can get in trouble for fraud.
Reply:  Doing a Web Page is new to us.  We're trying. Hopefully, we will get better in the future.  Oh and by the way, Abrim Tilmon is our Grandpa. If you could talk to our Grandma Janyce, she would tell you so.  Thanks for looking at our page. 
George (12/23/03) Steve, your wife is pretty. Is she a model? 
Reply:  Thank you. No, she's not a model.  She's just our Dad's wife and our Mommy.
Mattie (12/23/03) Do you have any old records from the Detroit Emeralds that you would like to sell?
Reply:  No, but there is a lot of old records of the Detroit Emeralds for sale on Ebay.
Karyl (12/23/03) What a wonderful tribute for a great soulful group! Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy 2004 to the Tilmon family!
P.S. Keep up the great work on this site! 
Reply:  Thanks Karyl.  This site wouldn't have happened without You and Toby. Have a wonderful Christmas and a terrific New Year.
NOTE:  Be sure and visit Karyl's site. Also check out Toby's site. They're both awesome and we're sure you'll enjoy them. Their web addresses are noted on our home page.

Jackie (12/24/03) I wish I had kids like you. This is sweet. Merry Christmas.
Reply: Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too.

Matt (12/24/03) I just bought a Detroit Emerald's CD and paid $24.95 for it. Back in the day I bought almost the same sounds on a LP for $3.98. What a difference a few years makes.
Reply:  LP?? Is that like an old fashioned CD?
Leslie (12/25/03): I am glad that you are the father of my children, and I wish I had met your Pops. Lovingly, your wife Leslie.
Reply: On behalf of Dad, Thanks Mommy.
Cathy (12/25/03: Steven, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to my younger brother and his family. I wish our whole family could be together, including "Pops." Since he passed away exactly six years (July 6) before my son Darryl was born, we believe Darryl always has a guardian angel watching over him. . . our Daddy. Love always, your sister Cathy, your niece Vanessa, and your nephew Darryl.
Reply: On behalf of Dad, Thanks Aunt Cathy.

Rita(12/27/03) Steve you're very lucky to have a Mom In-Law help your children prepare a gift like this for you. My battle axe of a mother in-law would probably throw her computer at me rather than do something constructive like this for me. You are truly blessed.
Reply: Thanks. Our Dad and our Grammy have a very good relationship. Grammy would never throw her computer at Dad!

Davis (12/29/03) My bad. I apologize. I was just tryin' to keep it real. My compliments to your webmaster and my apology to Steve and the children.
Reply: Apology accepted and thank you for coming back to visit our site.

Dee (01/05/04) In my senior years, I have developed some stiffness in my legs which causes my mobility not to be as good as it used to be. I think I have found a remedy for the stiffness in my legs, because I have been swinging, swaying and dancing with my broom and dust mop all morning while listening to the music playing on your web site. I think my legs have been rejuvenated. I enjoyed visiting your web site. You made me feel young again.                                                                                         Reply: Thanks for visiting our site. We're glad you enjoyed it.

Ritchie Hardin (01/15/04): ...I have visited your site - Sis from Detroit put me on to it - and I think it's a great tribute to Abrim and the guys. I will add it to the links on my Soul pages! I'm sure you must be aware that the group were very popular here in England, and still have their fans to this day, both of the early records and the later club hits. Please feel free to use the Detroit cutting advertising the group. I'd be very happy for you to use it.
Reply: Ritchie, thank you very much for allowing us to use the ad advertising the Detroit Emeralds show. We look forward to hearing from other Detroit Emerald's fans.

I am your Aunt Darlene Tilmon and speaking on my big brothers behalf,
I say this:
Steven, I am writing this to you with tears of know that your children created this beautiful masterpiece I applaud you and Leslie as their parents.
...I too am exceptionally proud of my big brothers children & grandchildren.  
Steven & Leslie please allow me to formally apologize for not attending your beautiful wedding ceremony.  I am truly sorry and ask for your forgiveness.
Cathy "looks just marvelous" and congratulations to her beautiful family. 
Continue to encourage the children.
Reply: Aunt Darlene, on behalf of our Mom, Dad and all three of us, thank you very much. We treasure your comments and look forward to you contributing more to our web site. We love you too!
Note: Darlene is our Great Aunt and our Grandpa Abrim's sister.

Hal (02/09/04): I have noticed links to your page on many of the pages I have visited on the Internet. So... I decided to view your page today. I think it's unique in that you offer photos of the talented, late Abrim Tilmon, not only performing but also interacting with his family. This is a wonderful page and a great tribute to someone who definitely contributed to those sounds of SOUL in the 1960s and 1970s. I hope you continue to add more to your page. It was quite interesting and I enjoyed reading the comments and viewing the photos. I will be back to visit your website. You know, after all these years, there are still Detroit Emerald fans like me eager to hear, read and see photos connected to the soulful Detroit Emeralds group.
Reply: Thank you for your comments. We're glad you enjoyed our page. We do plan to add more. Please come back and visit our site.

 Karyl (12/27/03): I went to your page earlier today and absolutely got lost in all the pictures and messages.  It is beautiful and I know that Steve must be very proud to have such a wonderful mother-in-law like you!  (I would have liked to have been a mouse in the corner when he saw it for the first time).  
Keep up the great work!
   Does Steve sing?
Reply: Thanks.  Dad only sings for fun. Like Grandpa, Dad has the gift of and enjoys writing lyrics.

Mike (12/29/03) Nice site. Can you post a list of the singles and the long plays the Detroit Emeralds made?
Reply: We will compile a list and post it. Keep checking back.

Reese (12/30/03): I visited your site about a week or so before Christmas and I wasn't able to see the pictures. Today I came back and was pleasantly surprised. Wonderful improvement.  I will be back to visit your site. 
Reply: Thanks for coming back. 
Veronica (12/30/03) This is a wonderful tribute and a very special way to show your Dad how much you love him!  Steven it was nice to read about your Dad and his accomplishments.  The pictures are great!  I love the wedding picture of your Mom and Dad.  It is great that you share these memories with your family.  This site is definitely a gift that keeps on giving.
Reply: Thank you.
Ann (12/30/03): While searching for some oldies to play at our New Year's Eve gathering I ran across your site. I spent almost an hour here. As a former Detroiter, I saw the Detroit Emeralds many times live. Abe had kind of a "cool arrogant" aire about him, but the man could sing!
Reply: Grandpa was cool huh? Thanks and have a Happy New Year.
Rhonnie 12/31/03: This is a fun site. It's nice to remember the past. I enjoyed viewing the photos and the comments.
Reply: We're glad you enjoyed our site.

Terry (01/02/04): Oh my, I remember jammin' to the songs your Dad/Grandpa sang. I used to think I was hot stuff in my fishnet stockings, hot pants and white vinyl knee high boots. Talk about the good old days. Those were the days! Thanks for taking me back to when music had meaning and dancing was an art. Have a Happy New Year.
Reply: You're welcome and happy new year to you.
Comment From Grammy Janyce: I just looked at the site again and saw the last comment about the hot pants, fishnet stockings, and white vinyl knee-high boots. That sounds like me without the fishnets.
Reply: Wow Grammy... we can't believe you wore hot pants!  LOL
Comment From Grammy CandieCarol:  My dear grandchildren, while we enjoy being Grammy... please remember, we were not always grandmothers.

Bessie (01/03/04): I have visited your site many times since I discovered it and today I decided to send you a message. I keep coming back because I love the music playing in the background. I have kept your page up for hours today so that song can play over and over and over. I enjoyed the photos and the comments too.
Reply: Thank you. Our Aunt Cathy (Grandpa's 1st born) played "Wear This Ring With Love" at her wedding.
Chris (09/23/04): Hi, there from France - actually i'm English living here, hence the passable level of English.
Anyway, I just had to drop you a line after finding your site, therefore i'll tell you why i found it.
I'm writing a novel about a young soul fanatic in the north of England in the late seventies and - shame on me - i'd forgotten the name of the singer of one my my favourite old bands, The Detroit Emeralds. And now that i've found it again - and given that Feel The Need never failed to send me to Heaven, just know that your grandpa's got a mention in a book that says it all - i hope.
Wood, Talc And Mr J, it's called. Look out for it and know that i love you, guys.
Forever yours
Reply:  Thank you very much for your comments. We look forward to reading your book. Our Dad (Steve) enjoys reading. We are sure he will enjoy reading your book. Please let us know when it is published.
Chris (09/24/04): I will do, boys, and Thanks so much. I promise to keep in touch. See you soon.
Reply: You are very welcome. Best wishes and good luck with your novel!
Stephen (11/15/04): hey, i'd just like to give a quick shout out to the tilmon family. my name is stephen and i used to work with ivory about 10 years ago at kroger - 8 mile and harper. i was 17yr old suburban white kid working as a
bag boy when ivory turned me onto the detroit emeralds;
i've been a fan ever since. he told me endless stories about the good 'ol days as an emerald, life on the road and everything in between. he also reminisced about his brother, abe. i remember most of the conversations about abe having to do with his creative genius and
as the main songwriter in the group. however, i remember one time where ivory got very emotional and upset. that was tough. i had worked with ivory
for about 2-3 years at that point; so we would talk music all the time. ivory was a very kind person and i really enjoyed working with him. anyways, just wanted to say hello and let you know that more people that you might think know the music of the detroit emeralds. abe's songwriting and musical ability was top notch and every bit as important as anything that came out of motown (for example... that killer riff in "baby let me take you in my arms..."). i hope ivory's doing well and god bless you all,
Reply: Thanks for the shoutout. It's always nice to hear from people who enjoy our Grandpa's music. We are going to forward your email to Uncle Ivory. 
Ed Sterling (06/28/05):   Dear Tilmon Family, Sorry for your loss. Had never heard of this band until someone on our music list requested whatever songs could be found. It was my pleasure to be the one who located the music online.
Do Me Right
You're Getting Too Smart
You Want it, You Got It
Feel The Need In Me
Baby Let Me Take You
I Think Of You &
Never Sail The Sea Again
What a great sound :-)
Hope you cherish the memories you have.
Reply:  Our Dad has shared with us many memories about his Father (our Grandfather). We cherish each and every memory Dad shares with us. Thanks for writing.

Xavaier (04/27/2009)   Dear Steve: As sure as music is timeless, so is the music that your father made as a member of the Detroit Emeralds. Your dad still holds out in my mind as a member of one of the greatest groups of all time. You should and more than likely are proud to know that you were fortunate, to have had him as a father. The music that your father was a part of making still lives on and it still makes me groove and appreciate the fine music, that’s really a pleasure to listen to.

 Sincerely yours, Xavaier

Reply:  Thank you for the wonderful comments.

Janyce (12/24/03) Steven, the website is such a wonderful tribute to your father. Abrim, as I am, would be so proud of the man and father you have become. Your dedication to your children is only matched by his dedication to you and your sister Cathy.  Love, Momz
Note: Janyce is our Grammy in Detroit. 

Harriet (12/17/03)  I enjoyed looking at your page.  I remember dancing to your grandpa's music in the 60's and 70's.  Your grandpa had a remarkable voice.  Merry Christmas and God Bless you and your family.
Reply:  Thank you & Merry Christmas and God Bless you too
Travis (12/18/03): Nice page kids.  I asked my wife to marry me while listening to some of the Detroit Emerald's music. We were at a basement party with a black light and all.  LOL  We have been married over 30 years!
Reply:  Thank you.  30 years is a long time!
Gwen (12/18/03)  How sweet of you to make this for your Dad.  I hope he enjoys it as much as I enjoyed listening to "The Detroit Emerald's" music back when I was a teenager, foot loose and fancy free! 
Reply:  Thank you.  Our Dad hasn't seen this yet.  This page is a Christmas gift.  We hope he enjoys it too.
Jessie (12/19/03):  Handsome family.  Jordyn Marissa is adorable.
Reply: Thank you
Riley (12/19/03):  Keep up the good work.  I look forward to more.
Reply: Our Grandmother is helping us. This is her first Web Page. We plan to add more in the near future.
Vincent (12/22/03):  What a clever idea! Your Dad, Mom and family must be really proud of you three.
Reply:  Thank you.  We can hardly wait for our Dad to see this.
Alice (12/23/03):  My husband and I used to really groove to the music of the Detroit Emeralds. I don't have the husband anymore, but I still remember the groove.
Reply:  We're glad you enjoyed our Grandpa's music and we're sorry you don't have the husband anymore. 
Ralph (12/23/03): Talk about a DoWop group.  The Detroit Emeralds were there!
Reply:  DoWop??  We'll have to do some research on that. :>)
Toni (12/23/03):  Steve, I don't know what to say. This is so special, I wanted to be a part of it. All my kids ever do for me is ask for something. Merry Christmas and Bless your mighty fine kids.
Reply: On behalf of our Dad, Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too.
Alex (12/23/03):  Bah humbug!
Reply:  We hope you have a Merry Christmas.
CandieCarol (12/24/03) Stevie, I hope you enjoy your web page. I wish I could be in Detroit with you guys or you could be here in St Louis with us. Have a Merry Christmas. I'll talk to you tomorrow.  Love ya much! 
Note: CandieCarol is our Grammy in St Louis.

Maurice (12/27/03): What a wonderful thing tech can allow us to do today. All the pictures didn't open, but it is a wonderful site for memories to live on not just for us that knew, but for those who will never have the opportunity to know.
Reply: We hope you will be able to view the pictures. Sometimes it takes a while for them to load. Thanks for visiting our Dad's web page.

Toby (12/28/03): Absolutely lovely Carol. He would be very proud.
Reply: Thanks Toby.

Ray (12/28/03): Interesting and unique site.
Reply: Thank you.

 John (01/03/04): My mind is racing a 1000 mph remembering the good ole days. We used to meet on the corner and sing under the street light.  I really like your page.
Reply: Thank you.

Jeff (01/25/04): ... I looked over your site yesterday and enjoyed so much that yesteday while I was driving around, I had in my car CD player the following CD's
The Detriot Emeralds - Do Me Right/You Want It You Got It
The Detriot Emeralds - I'm In Love With You/Feel The Need
  You might have noticed from my website that on Friday's from 8-10 pm (PST), I host a radio show on KSER 90.7 FM in Everett, WA and I feature Soul Music from the 60's and 70's.  The station is currently moving to a new location and when we get settled in, I would like to devote the last half hour of my show to The Detroit Emeralds.  Not only that, I plan to dedicate that portion to you, your daughter, son in law, gradchildren and the rest of the Tilmon family.
  The good news is, the show does broadcast over the internet, so you will all be able to hear it live. 
  Let me know what you think when you get a chance.
Best Wishes
Jeff Hofman
KSER 90.7 FM 
Everett, WA USA
Dusties Friday's 8-10 pm (PST)
Reply:  Thank you very much. You are very kind. We look forward to listening to your show.

We received several e-mails asking basically the same questions from Toni, Jessie, Tamara, Ruth and Ruby 12/26/03:
Reply: Was he surprised? Yes, very much so.
            Did he cry? He said he had a tear in his eye but we didn't see it.
            Did he increase your allowance? No, but we're hoping he will. 
            Was he happy? He said he was really really really really happy.
            What are we going to do for him next year? We don't know yet, but with the help of Mommy and our grandmothers, we'll come up with something.
Thank you very much for your questions.
Shirley (12/26/03) Hello Steve, I enjoyed looking at your web page. That has to be the most thoughtful thing a child can do for a parent.  I showed this page to my kids hoping they would do something like this for me. But all they said was "the kids probably didn't have anything better to do." So I was just wondering if you would like to trade kids?  My crazy husband is admiring your wife. He wants to know if we make a trade, can the wife come with the kids?
Happy New Year, Shirley 
Reply:  Our Dad wants to know if you can wash dishes. If so, send us a picture of your kids and yourself, and he'll think about the trade.

Pastor Joe (12/27/03): I simply enjoyed viewing your website. I applaud you for keeping your father's legacy alive. Telling your children the amazing story of your father is a testimony of the strong values that were instilled in you by your parents even with such a demanding schedule that your father must have had. Though his golden voice has been silenced you have given his fans an opportunity to relive those wonderful times as well as share his present living legacy by publishing this website. New Liberty Baptist Church is still proud to have known and appreciate his gift even more to know, love and respect those he left behind who are still an integral part in New Liberty's life.
Reply: Thank you. We appreciate your comments.

Mike {Chancellor Of Soul} (02/04/04): I just want to say that I absolutely love your website !!!  That's was the wonderful thing you did for not only your dad but you are doing a great thing, by keeping the memories alive of your ledgendary and might I add great,  Abrim Tilmon..   your granddad. I was a great fan of your grandfather and his group The Detroit Emeralds! There isn't a day that goes by that I don't play any of their music. It brings back so many wonderful memories of my childhood. I'm also a music historian and also have a website that I would like for you to visit.
It's:, a music website highlighting the careers and music of ledgendary Classic Soul artists like your grandfather, in conjunction with the highlighted career of myself, The Chancellor. I'm also associated with and have a internet radio show.  Please continue to keep the memories alive!!! Take care.  
Reply: Thanks for your comments. It's always nice to hear from people like you who enjoyed our Grandpa's music. We enjoyed visiting your website. You have a very impressive career.

Regina (08/27/04) We were having dinner with friends at the local rib and blues establishment and asked if they remembered the Detroit Emeralds. Wow, yes, and they loved and remembered the group also. I have been looiking for their music for a long time and wondered if you know how i can obtain some of their great songs. I have not heard their great and beautiful voices in over 20 years. Please let me know if you can point me in the right direction.
Regina  Troy, Michigan  born, 1946, Detroit
Reply: (From Abe's Widow, Janyce) 
Try Street Corner Music, 17620 W. 13 Mile Road, Beverly Hills, MI 48025, phone 248-644-4777 (in the strip mall at 13 Mile & Southfield Roads on the 13 Mile side, last store). That's where I bought my CDs:
1. Detroit Emeralds--Do Me Right & You Want It You Got It, barcode 0 29667 37672 3 (two albums on one CD, 22 tracks);
2. Detroit Emeralds--I'm In Love With You & Feel the Need, barcode 0 29667 37682 2 (two albums on one CD., 15 tracks);
3. The Detroit Emeralds Greatest Hits, barcode 0 29667 71192 0 (24 tracks).
Thanks Regina, we enjoy hearing from fans like you.
Reggie (08/27/04)
The Detroit Emeralds were one of my favorite groups back in the day.  My favorite songs were Do Me Right and another song I believe it was called I Can't See Myself living without you or some thing like that. I saw the group in DC when I  was in college.
Reggie from Cleveland, OH
Reply: We're glad you enjoyed our Grandpa's music.  We'll ask our Grammy Janyce if that's the correct title of the second song you like and let you know what she says. Thanks for your comments. 
Reply From Grammy Janyce:  The title of that 1970 song is, I Can't See Myself (Doing Without You). Abrim is the lead vocalist on that track. Do Me Right was a 1971 hit with James Mitchell as the lead vocalist.                         

To Ivory Tilmon on Tuesday,
From: Chadwickj (09/14/04)

Myron (09/26/04): Having this website is great. The Detroit Emerald is one of the most memorable groups that performed on Soul Train, I was only 9 years old when watching them and still sing their songs today.  I have a special love for the music of the early seventies I have several relatives that were involved with the Philly Sound of Philadelphia International Records we have some things in common. It's so nice to have this new technology of the internet that allows you to keep the Detroit Emeralds alive and be able to communicate worldwide with their fans. Myron form South Jersey Philadelphia, Pa. area.
Reply:  We agree with you, the Internet is great! Thank you for your comments.
Mike (10/02/04):  I was looking thru the Web for some info on the Detroit Emeralds and I saw this website.  I just wanted to say that it is one of the most touching websites I've seen.  Reading through the various pages, I could feel the love that you all have for each other (Grandfather, Son, Grandchildren), and I throughly enjoyed it.   There should be more families like yours in this world.  May the Lord bless you and give you the desire of your heart, that is, to be together one day in His presence.   Lord willing, I may meet you there too!
God Bless - Mike
Reply:  Thank you for your kind comments. Our Dad, Steve and our Mom, Leslie are wonderful loving parents.
May GOD bless and keep you.
Moz and  Vinny (11/16/04): to all,my brother and i spent hours learning the steps and moves to the detroit emeralds music. many thanks for such an exciting time. moz&vinny. u.k.
Reply:  You welcome and thank you for writing. Are you and your brother good dancers?
John (12/13/04): Hi, I just wanted to send a short note to give you my condolences on the loss of your Grandfather. I'm 51 years old and grew up in the Detroit area and just loved the music that came out of the Motor City. The Detroit Emeralds were a big part of the music I listened to and loved. From the song "Show Time" in 1968 to "Feel The Need In Me" from 1977, the music they put out was incredible.
I was a disc jockey at Oldies 104.3 here in Detroit for many years and would slip in a song or 2 from The Detroit Emeralds whenever I could. They were absolutely great. The one good thing is that you will always have the music to listen to and give you some comfort in knowing that your grandfather made a difference in musical history.
Take care and God bless you all,
 Reply:  Thank you very much for your wonderful comments about our Grandpa. We wish you a happy, safe and blessed Christmas. 
Steve (08/27/2005): Hi...  Don't know if you still monitor this E-mail address, but just in case you do, I've just got to say how much pleasure the music of the Abrim & the Detriot Emeralds still brings me. Whenever I hear "Feel the need" on the radio here in England it brings back great memories of my teenage years and makes me smile....
I've still got quite a bit of their material from the Ric Tic years to the stuff on Westbound / Atlantic records...
My personal Favorites are "Showtime" on Ric Tic & "Long Live The King" from the Westbound album.....
It's great having a website so people can continue to inform you of their love for Abrim and the legacy of his music, while the music still plays he will alway's be with us...
So to everyone keep on playing the music !
Peace and love to you all from Shropshire,England
Thanks to for the link to your website....
Reply:  Thank you very much for your comments. It nice to hear from people like you, who enjoy our Grandpa's music.  


Do You Remember Dancin' To The Sounds Of The Detroit Emeralds? 
Background Music:
'You Want It, You Got It'
Recorded by: Abrim Tilmon & The Detroit Emeralds.